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Originally made for a clay shooter, however this is proving popular for camping, fishing and even for posture. (Please seek doctors advice re posture.). The leather stool is beautifully crafted and has three legs designed to take the weight off your feet when out on the hills or for long periods of time.

The wooden legs are pine and dyed to illustrate the lovely grain followed by French polish.  Two colours available light and dark brown. The tops of legs have plastic stops to ensure the leather does not pierce. ​ Leather seat (will give over time) stretches between the legs and made from English 3mm veg tan leather and dyed (Walnut or ShowBrown).  Seat is hand stitched and will be removed by yourself for carrying.   The tripod seat has a carrying handle with  Leather straps and nickel buckles to secure the legs and seat making a portable item used for many occasions - perhaps a picnic, watching the kids sports events!

 Various heights (ones shown stand at 57cm approx. when open to the seat) and made to order therefore once order is received Windsor Saddlers will contact you to confirm height / colour required.  The pictures of the stool below illustrates the image of a Crown issued for Household Divisions.

Folding Stool

Your size your options - can mix the colours or ask for a specific height - place your order and Windsor Saddlers will contact you to confirm requirements.  If you wish to collect see next option.

Bespoke Stool


Collection only


Commissioned, originally requested by a special client, however this has now become standard issue.   Completely hand stitched and can be provided in specific colours on request.   A carrying handle together with a detachable strap this item takes you back to the traditional satchel style and will last a very long time.